Yadea best electric scooters in Nepal G5 variant

Here’s Why You Should Get Yadea Electric Scooter in Nepal 

There are several reasons why people are using more electric vehicles today, and they represent the transportation of the future. Electric vehicles, especially electric scooters are healthy and convenient for a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride. Read on to find out more about Yadea’s advantages as the best electric scooter in Nepal and how it promotes an environmentally sustainable and healthy way of living along with being the future of transportation. 

Reasons to Get a Yadea Electric Scooter

Electric vehicles are becoming more sophisticated and eco-friendly. Along with charging stations along the route and easy access, consumers will have no trouble plugging into charging stations along the highway. Electric scooters from Yadea are not only budget-friendly but they come with their own sets of benefits, making them convenient for the riders.

What can a person desire more than a safe and sound ride that not only has a positive impact on health but the environment too? Riders get a warranty, can ride smoothly, and require minimal maintenance as well. 

Electric scooters, such as Yadea electric scooters, are more well-liked than ever and are quickly emerging as a symbol of contemporary urban mobility all over Nepal. However, many people continue to doubt these supposed advantages. There are various reasons to ride Yadea: 

Large LED Screens 

Yadea is known as a smart e-scooter for a reason. All of its scooters have large LED screens which provide a lot of information regarding the battery charge, distance travelled, and energy saved. It can also be integrated with your smartphone so that you can receive alerts for calls. 

Smart Keyless Integration 

Yadea scooters are programmed with a smart keyless integrated system which allows you to automatically unlock your scooter without inserting your keys. It can automatically sense whether your key is nearby and lock or unlock your faucet, storage or handle-lock. You can also start or turn off your scooter without inserting your keys. 

Large Storage Space 

You get a lot of storage space with a Yadea scooter. With space as large as 25 litres, you can store everything from your helmets, bags, raincoats and anything else you can imagine! A large storage space provides a lot of benefits. But you won’t find such storage space with an engine scooter because the engine is located under the seats. But since Yadea scooters do not have engines, this space is cleared out, making space for storage. 

2 Years Warranty on Lithium Batteries

Yadea offers a two-year warranty on the batteries of all e-scooters and e-bikes in various situations and more. You don’t need to worry about your e-scooter even if there are accidents sometimes while riding our e-bikes or e-scooters. Yadea scooters use Panasonic lithium batteries with an average of 60 volts. These batteries are long lasting and sturdy. 

They are Budget Friendly 

You can choose an electric scooter from Yadea that suits your preferences and style from a variety of models. The scooters aren’t at all expensive; in fact, they cost about the same as ordinary scooters, and when you use them, their maintenance expenses will be far lower than those of other scooters. They are one of the cheapest electric scooters in Nepal if you consider the price of petrol that you will be saving over a year and the maintenance fees. Not only will you be saving on money that you would be using for petrol, you would also be saving time from waiting in long lines for petrol, which is the occasional case in Nepal.  

The price of an electric scooter in Nepal depends on the model you want for yourself. Every scooter from Yadea has its own different prices and features. 

Range of Electric Scooter Options for Various Needs

The number of variations is expanding as the use of electric vehicles increases. As automakers electrify a rising percentage of their fleets, new ones are continuously being introduced. As a result, there are more options across various price points and vehicle types. You can choose the e-scooter of your choice. 

With Yadea, there are so many options to choose from and get the electric scooter you like for yourself. Each one is tested and has its own benefits for the riders. As you scour the markets and the electric scooter showroom in Nepal, you will find scooters of different types and models of Yadea.

The three types of electric scooters that you can find in Yadea are:

Convenient Charging

Electricity, as opposed to fossil fuels like petrol or diesel, is used to charge the batteries of electric scooters. The charging stations are convenient, especially with the increasing number of electric vehicles. There are charging stations along the highway and in major cities, and some more are to come to Nepal. But when it comes to scooters, you can ride a whole day as long as you charge your electric scooter’s full battery at home.

It Reduces Ride Fatigue

Electric scooters do not have gears, nor do they have accelerators, resulting in a smooth driving experience with no confusing controls. To manage and enjoy a tranquil, convenient, safe, and noise-free journey, simply accelerate, brake, and steer. No pollution, no extra fatigue. 

Electric Scooters Are Healthier For You

By now, everyone is aware of the negative impacts of petrol and diesel vehicles. Gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles produce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and diesel particulate matter. Electric vehicles are beneficial to health because they do not emit harmful gases and thus reduce the causes of illness caused by these substances. 

Require Minimal Maintenance 

Electric vehicles do not require petroleum products or other items that a conventional vehicle does. And that is the reason EVs require minimal maintenance—no need to change breaks or exhaust pipes and no need to change the oil, and no need to worry if bad quality petrol will compromise your engines. 

Yadea Electric Scooters are Better For The Environment 

Electric scooters are peaceful. Ever noticed that? Because EVs do not emit noise like regular vehicles, there is no noise pollution. EV scooters also help to minimize air pollution. Reduced air pollution benefits both public health and the environment. Emissions will continue to fall as the environment grows greener. Go green as you go electric. 

Why Are Yadea Electric Scooters The Future of Riding?

These days, consumers have become aware about their carbon footprint and how their actions have environmental consequences. Customers today are more educated and want to make purchases that give them more in return. That is why customers choose low-emission vehicles over those that use fossil fuels and damage the environment. The electric scooter industry is supported and regulated by governments around the world.

Electric vehicles (EVs) will surely be a part of transportation in the future, batteries will also develop and use newer materials such as graphene for lower production rates and environmental impacts. 


The age of electric vehicles is here! The transition from traditional to electric vehicles is gaining traction in the industrial sector. When the infrastructure is in place and functioning properly, owning an electric vehicle provides a lot of advantages. Living in a society with dust, pollution, and noise is something that is backward.